Guidelines to avoid mower breakdown

Tips to avoid mower breakdown
Guidelines to avoid mower breakdown

IntroductionLearning the basic tips on lawnmower repair and maintenance is easy. Most of the issues that result from lawnmower breakdown can be solved using a few tools and replacement of the damaged parts. Routine repairs and management save you money and time. This article gives tips on how to maintain lawnmowers to keep them in the best condition possible.

Refer to the owner’s manual

The owner’s manual gives you information on how the manufacturer of the mower wants you to take care of it. The manufacturer understands what works best for the machine and what will help keep it in excellent condition.

Use the right oil and fuel

Using the suggested oil and fuel helps keep the lawnmower in excellent condition. Ensure the fuel is fresh and frequently maintain the oil at the recommended level. If your lawnmower stays idle for long, say three months, replace the fuel. Keep fuel in safe containers available at lawnmower dealers. Add a fuel conditioner to make the fuel last longer.

Keep the undercarriage clean

Grass can pile up in the undercarriage hence blocking the mower’s discharge tube. Make use of a wire brush and hose to remove the grass remains and dirt from the undercarriage. It is advisable to always disconnect the spark plug before operating around the undercarriage.

Look for loose wheels, bolts and screws

Always ensure that all bolts and screws of the mower are tight and in the best condition. It aids in the prevention of accidents. Restore loose bolts or any missing screws before any mower operations. Look at the wheels and change them if they are torn and worn.

Inspect the air filter

A blocked air filter exerts extra stress on the mower and burns gas less efficiently. Almost all lawnmowers have a paper or foam air filter that can be easily reached. Lawnmower experts suggest that air filters should be replaced every year for maximum performance.

Change the spark plug

The spark plug is cheap and easy to replace. Detach the spark plug wire and get rid of the old plug using a socket or spark jerk. Fix the new plug but do not tighten excessively to avoid it hindering the mower from starting. Spark plugs should be replaced annually.

Ensure the blade is sharp

Lawnmower blades tolerate a lot of stress as a result of working on rocky and hard surfaces. A blunt blade tears and splits grass instead of giving a uniform cut. You can sharpen the blade using a vice and metal file or visit a lawnmower repair shop for the same service.

Remove the gasoline at the end of each mowing season

Lawnmower experts say that old petrol is a major contributor to the mower inability to restart. Always use new gas at the start of the season.

Ensure the mower stays clean

It is essential to clean the mower after using it. Remove any trash pieces from the blades and the mower’s underside. If left there, the grass starts rotting and produces an acid that can damage the machine.

It is important to carry out routine repairs and management of the lawnmower yourself or visit a lawnmower repair shop for the same service at a small fee.